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PlayMedia® – Brian D. Litman, Conceptual Co-Founder & CEO

Brian D. Litman, Conceptual Co-Founder & CEO

Brian D. Litman is a media and technology entrepreneur operating out of both the United States and Europe. He is currently the CEO of PlayMedia Systems, Inc.

In 1997, Litman conceived and co-founded PlayMedia Systems with Tomislav Uzelac as an outgrowth of their original partnership in 1997 for AMP®  Advanced Multimedia Products the firm that developed the core MP3 technology used in WinAmp.

The original Napster of Sean Parker and Sean Fanning later licensed AMP® for use in the massively popular Napster client of the late 1990’s through early 2000’s.

PlayMedia’ global technology footprint became ever-wider when they were contracted by DMX Music (now Mood Media (and Muzak) to develop the firm’s Internet-based music playback system (PlayCore).  PlayMedia’s strategic relationships also include Intel, STMicro and the Hughes Corporation.

Litman’s career has spanned the spectrum of media, including: Radio (Bonneville Broadcasting), journalism (Knight-Ridder’s Kansas City Star), Recorded Music (CBS Records Group), Cable Television (Time, Inc. and Hearst/ABC/NBC), Digital Telephony (AT&T spin-off US West), International Media Development (E.C.H.O.: Entertainment & Communications Holdings Group and Digital Music (Advanced Multimedia Products, PlayMedia Systems).

In 1988 Litman served as the founding Chairman of the Cable Television Committee for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys) and also sat on the Emmy Awards Committee.

Litman also served on the Board of Directors of the California Cable Television Association, (CCTA) from June 1987 – October 1990.

In 1992, Litman negotiated the first intellectual property development agreement with the Soviet KGB pursuant to new material related to the Cold War and other topics. This included the release of the critical Soviet archives on JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

Litman also was a media consultant in the pre and post-perestroika eras to Soviet Central Television (Ostankino Teleradio), Pravda, Komsomolskaya Pravda and Moskovski Novosti.

In 1993 he formed a brief business partnership with Soviet Premier Nikolai Ryzhkov to create the “Ryzhkov Group”.

Litman holds a Patent for the “System and Method for Advertisement Sponsored Content Distribution”.

Litman also has investments outside of PlayMedia in fintech “Bitzerland” and and stealth projects in artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Litman travels frequently and is usually domiciled in Europe.  In the US he maintains residences in the West.

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