Audio Products

The mission of PlayMedia is to create advanced technologies that enable the rendering of and add value to digital audio.

PlayMedia has developed, implemented, ported or optimized technologies employing MP3, AAC, AMR and other audio compression technologies for IT and entertainment industries.

PlayMedia’s first product, the AMP® MP3 Decoder, is the amongst the world’s most-used PC audio ”playback engines”.  Some of the most popular PC music players, like Nullsoft/AOL’s ‘WinAMP’ have licensed AMP® because of its robust, uncompromising performance.

Our newest AMP® Decoding Engine, v 2.0 is designed to replace the primordial, yet still popular, 0.7x series. AMP® 2.0 offers powerful new features that have raised the bar on ingenuity in software conception and design.

PlayMedia offers a Low-Level SDK of AMP® 2.x only for very sophisticated developers in creating MP3 decoding applications.

Primordial MP3 PC-music clients like WinAMP® and MacAMP® built their names on the power and optimizations of the AMP® MP3 engine.

Additionally, AMP® is employed in hundreds of other diverse applications such as online games, music education applications and digital music jukeboxes.

AMP® technology has been ported to major processing platforms including Intel x86, Marvell ARM-based designs and MIPS.