2022.02.15: PlayMedia continues its aggressive expansion into the Chinese market as Sheraton Hotels Shanghai launches AMP® powered playback in its flagship property in the PRC.
2019.09.31: PlayMedia develops new strategic relationships with the High Tech Park initiative implemented by the government of Belarus.
2019.06.16: PlayMedia begins strategic exploration into research and development relationships with key members of the Belarussian IT sector, including Encata, Minsk.
2018.04.20: PlayMedia leadership continues its development of strategic relationships in the Ukrainian IT sector.  Key relationships are achieved amongst core, national IT clusters.
2017.12.17: PlayMedia celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its original founding as Advanced Multimedia Products.  Its product usage spans the globe with ongoing research and development to enable ever-enhanced user experience in DSP audio systems.
2015.08.14: Marks & Spencer massively increases AMP® Playcore playback technologies across their UK retail operations.
2015.09.31: European retail giant H&M widely deploys AMP® Playcore into stores in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
2013.01.08: PlayMedia marks its 18th anniversary as a provisioner of high-quality digital content rendering technologies.
2012.09.07: PlayMedia enters into strategic partnership with Dmitry Boldyrev, co-creator of WinAMP to develop mobile media applications based on AMP® technologies.
2012.03.20: PlayMedia becomes core technology licensor to MoodMedia, the world’s leading in-store media solution provider and parent company of DMX Music, Inc. MoodMedia-DMX is licensed to use PlayMedia’s “PlayCore” media playback platform which features advanced AMP® technologies.
2012.02.06: PlayMedia announces the discontinuation of its h.264 line of AMP® video codecs, including 4-Play. Support to be provided for existing licensees until 31 December 2016
2010.09.11: PlayMedia records increased revenues from the on-premises music playback sector indicating improving retail and services growth conditions of PSI customers.
2009.06.04: Fujitsu-owned PFU Systems, Inc. makes agreement with PSI to employ the PSI 4Play® MPEG-4 rendering technology in its latest-generation video display systems.
2008.02.13: Austin, TX: AMPhibian® Audio Framework: DMX, Inc., the largest on-premises business/commercial music service firms licenses the PSI

for use across its global music distribution platform.
2006.05.03: PlayMedia develops customized PlayCore™ Audio Rendering technology licensed by DMX Music, Inc. for the DMX global commercial music playback infrastructure.
2006.01.17: The United States Patent Office issues PSI patent number 6.988,277 for its System and Method for Advertisement Sponsored Content Distribution. Branded MPFree®, the invention is expected to gain wide usage over the years for its novel approach to enabling ad-supported content distribution.
2005.11.10: – MPEG-4: PlayMedia completes a DirectShow® filter optimized for Intel’s 2700G Marathon graphics acceleration chip running on ARM-Windows® Media Mobile v5.0 platforms.
2004.09.08: – OGG Vorbis: PlayMedia has implemented the OGG Vorbis Decoding module for its AMPhibian® advanced audio framework.
2004.07.08: PlayMedia has been selected by the InFocus Corporation to provide consultative engineering for the InFocus Lightshow content distribution system.
2003.09.17: – San Jose, CA: Intel Corporation demonstrates PlayMedia’s implementation of its 4Play® MPEG-4 decoder at the Intel Developer Forum.
During the Keynote speech of SVP Ronald J. Smith, Intel shows how PlayMedia’s optimized port to the upcoming ‘Bulverde’ processor can render VGA quality on a mobile device at 27 FPS at very low levels of power consumption.
2002.11.18: – PlayMedia opens a new European R&D facility focusing on advanced digital audio.
2002.03.18: – PlayMedia has optimized its MPEG-4 Video Decoding Engine, the M4V-D to support the Intel® PXA210 and PXA250 Applications Processors.  Get the Press Release.
2002.03.13: PlayMedia announces first of a series of video playback and recording technologies for Windows®-based PC platforms utilizing MPEG-4, the standard for multimedia for the fixed and mobile Internet. PlayMedia plans to announce support for other leading operating system/processor combinations. Get the Press Release.
2002.02.26: PlayMedia announces at the Intel Developer Forum that it has optimized itsAMPhibian™ Audiovisual Framework along with its popular AMP® MP3 playback technology in support of the new Intel® PXA210 and Intel® PXA250 Applications Processors. Get the Press Release.
2001.07.16: PlayMedia® deploys AMPhibian™ Audiovisual Framework on the Intel® StrongARM* processor and the Intel® XScale™ Microarchitecture. AMP\’s newest fixed-point MP3 technology will be one of many audiovisual \”nodes\”, enabling powerful copyright-holder security features and consumer-friendly audiovisual features and effects such as automatic volume contro and support for other leading codecs and Digital Rights Management methodologies such as PlayMedia\’s own QPQ™ series of conditional access software.
2001.07.16: PlayMedia® and Napster announce Napster has retained PlayMedia® as key consultant for file security technology and playback for their new membership service, due to launch in Summer of 2001. Napster extends and expands its license for PlayMedia®’s advanced AMP® MP3 technology.
2001.01.08: PlayMedia® releases AMP® 2.0 into Beta. 2.0 as an advanced “threadless” codec.
2000.12.15: Napster, Inc. deploys the latest generation AMP® MP3 technology in their Beta 8 client.
2000.03.17: PlayMedia® licenses its AMP® MP3 technology to Subband, Inc. a leading MP3 Applications developer.
2000.02.15: PlayMedia® Labs releases the AMP® L3d OCX v. 1.6 Active-X component for general release.
2000.02.08: PlayMedia® files for U.S. Patent Office protection for its “System and Method for the Distribution of Advertiser-supported Audiovisual Content. Now known as MPFree®.
2000.01.24: CDDB releases showcase Reeves Gabrels CD/MP3 player featuring new AMP® technology.
2000.01.06: AMP’s-L3d-OCX Active-X MP3 Player component is publicly released.
1999.12.01: PlayMedia® files for U.S. Patent Office protection for its \”System and Method for the Secure Distribution of Audiovisual Content”. Now codenamed “Project Maestro”
1999.05.22: AOL becomes PlayMedia®’s largest paid licensee for the AMP® 0.7-series MP decoder.
1999.04.17: PlayMedia® CEO Brian Litman keynotes the Loyola Law Internet Entertainment Law Summit.
1999.03.09: Kagan Digital Entertainment Conference, Los Angeles CEO Brian Litman is scheduled to appear on the Digital Music Panel
1999.02.15: AMP® L3d Series 1.0 Low-Level SDK Scheduled for Release
1998.11.10: MusiCom/Los Angeles CEO Brian Litman appears on the MP3 Panel moderated by NARIP President Tess Taylor
1998.10.01: (London) MBI: Music Business International, the leading International Record Industry trade magazine discusses PlayMedia®’s Maestro secure music distribution architecture.
1998.09. 22: (Los Angeles) PlayMedia’s Litman Addresses the Internet Industry Society of California Panel discussing online distribution of music. Litman discusses the implications of online music distribution for the Music Industry.
1998.08.01: MBI: Music Business International | PlayMedia’s CEO Brian Litman identifies the deeper issues inherent to the MP3 music distribution phenomenon. Read it here.
1998.07.22: (San Diego) CMP | TechWeb’s Malcolm Maclachlan highlights comments from Litman during his presentation at MP3.COM MP3 Summit.
1998.07.22: (San Diego) MP3.COM Summit | PlayMedia®’s Brian Litman is invited by MP3.COM’s Michael Robertson to be a lead presenter at MP3.COM’s first annual online music conference in San Diego, California.
1998.07.15: PlayMedia® Labs releases AMP® 1.0-series MP3 technology.
1998.07.13: (Los Angeles) Project “Maestro” Announced.
1998.06. 25: (London)  PlayMedia® CEO Brian Litman addressed the World Research Group’s MusiCom 98 Conference in London.
1998.05.05: Red Herring Venture / Market West Conference / Monterey, CA Red Herring invited PlayMedia® to present its vision for the future of content distribution at Venture Market West.
1998.05.01: Michael Robertson of MP3.COM interviews Brian Litman.  PlayMedia®’s CEO discusses the future of MP3, digital audio and its impact on the music industry.
1997.06.01: Nullsoft licenses the AMP® 0.7 Layer 3 Decoder for MP3-Playback in WinAMP.
1997.02.01: (Salt Lake City) Dmitry Boldyrev, co-creator of WinAMP, becomes the first licensee of the AMP® 0.7-series MP3 decoder for his “MacAMP” MP3 player for the Macintosh® operating platform. MacAMP™ was the first Application to use AMP®.  Note: It was Boldyrev who introduced MP3 technology and the AMP® decoder itself to fellow University of Utah student Justin Frankel.  Boldyrev and Frankel subsequently formed Nullsoft (a unit of AOL now in play).  In mid-1997, the Boldyrev/Frankel partnership released WinAMP to the general public using a GUI bitmap design by Boldyrev.