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  • PlayMedia does not represent or warrant that any of our Software is free of infringement of any third-party patents.
  • Commercial implementations of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 standards-based audio decoders are subject to royalty fees to the patent holders of either Fraunhofer IIS of Erlangen, Germany or Technicolor Corporation of Paris, France.  Many of these patents are general enough such that they are unavoidable regardless of implementation design and some may apply to software implementations.
  • Commercial implementations of MPEG-4 video codecs are subject to royalty fees as administered by MPEGLA.
  • Licensees or potential licensees must represent and warrant that they have, or intend to, secure all appropriate patent licenses from the appropriate licensing authorities.

    For information on MPEG-1, Layer 3 Audio (MP3) patent licensing please visit: http://www.mp3licensing.com.

    For information on MPEG-4, AAC Audio patent licensing please visit:  http://www.vialicensing.com/products/mpeg4aac/standard.html

    For information on MPEG-2 patent licensing please visit:http://www.mpegla.comFor information on MPEG-4 patent licensing please visit: http://www.mpegla.com