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CloudAMP® is PlayMedia’s comprehensive Cloud-based media player utilizing PlayMedia’s advanced HTML5 WebAMP® media technologies.

CloudAMP® loads as a web page… and then will play:

  • Internet .mp3 Audio (soon other formats)
  • Local PC .mp3 Audio
  • Internet MPEG4 Video
  • Local PC MPEG4 Video
  • Internet Radio Streams
  • Podcasts
  • Text
  • PDF graphics files

CloudAMP® can access a rich archive of diverse audiovisual content, all hosted in the Cloud.

Forget the need for resource-hogging iTunes or other media player applications.  Play your entertainment and even render Text and PDF files (and their contained graphics) from your web browser … on any device.

Visit CloudAMP® today and experience the correct way to experience content, local and networked  – on the Web.