Clients and Licensees


The Internet and mobile networks’ ability to deliver CD-quality audio and high-resolution video has revolutionized the content industry.

Already, thousands of developers, corporations and governments use PlayMedia audio and video technologies each day to engage the senses of millions of people around the world.

The following list is a small, diverse sampling of some of the many leading organizations who are benefiting from PlayMedia’s prowess in the realm of multimedia technology.

Consultative Engineering


PlayMedia provided consultative engineering services to Intel in the area of audiovisual content rendering on Intel’s advanced ARM-based processors.


PlayMedia’s AMP® advanced digital playback codec, encryption and indexing technologies helps MoodMedia and its subsidiaries Muzak and DMX Music securely deliver superstar music from every major recorded music group to leading commercial establishments around the world.

MoodMedia distributes its music services worldwide to more than 8.5 million homes and creates professional, demographically- targeted audio and video programming for over 180,000 businesses in the fashion, specialty retail, and hospitality and airline industries with a daily worldwide listening audience of over 75 million people.

Mood Media Corporation is one of the world’s largest designers of in-store consumer experiences, including audio, visual, interactive, scent, voice and advertising solutions. Mood Media’s solutions reach over 150 million consumers each day through more than half a million subscriber locations in over 40 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.McDonalds-Logo

Mood Media Corporation’s client base includes more than 850 U.S. and international brands in diverse market sectors that include: retail, from fashion to financial services; hospitality, from hotels to health spas; and food retail, including restaurants, bars, quick-serve and fast casual dining.   Commercial customers benefiting from PlayMedia technology via MoodMedia include:

    • McDonald’s [Worldwide]
    • Westin Hotelstommy hilfiger
    • Hyatt Hotels
    • Four Seasons Hotels
    • Victoria’s Secret
    • Saks Fifth Avenue
    • Nordstrom’s
    • Macy’s
    • Pier 1
    • Abercrombie & Fitch
    • Olive Gardenhyatt
    • Chili’sMarks and Spencer
    • 24-Hour Fitness
    • H&M


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PlayMedia provided Advanced Technologies and Consultative Engineering Services to the original Napster of Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning.

Napster, Inc. used PlayMedia’s most advanced AMP® MP3 decoding technology for its world-shaking, eponymous peer-to-peer Application.   In concert with global media giant Bertelsmann, PlayMedia developed mission-critical AMP® playback and cryptographic security technologies for the next-generation membership-based Napster peer-to-peer service.

Hughes’ DirecWay Music Services offers a variety of unique features and customizable services that enable retailers worldwide to tailor their programming by store, region and time of day – with no hassle. Their one time, easy installation allows for seamless startup and maintenance.

DirecWay Music Services offers music and messaging solutions professionally produced by MoodMedia, Inc., the world’s leading provider of targeted music and imaging content for business.

bertelsmannbm, dws

PlayMedia®, in concert with global media giant Bertelsmann, developed a secure digital content media platform using a variety of technologies from the AMP® repertoire and others.

This system was designed to distribute the breadth of all of Bertelsmann’s digital media products and was created in concert with Bertelsmann unit Digital World Services.

france_telecom, smWhen France Telecom, that nation’s dominant communications provider, was exploring ways to distribute secure music through their mobile networks worldwide, PlayMedia was tapped to provide consulting and solutions.


PlayMedia has consulted with Telefonica/Spain in the development of music service technologies.


When Texas instruments needed a firmware solution for MP3 decoding, PlayMedia’s AMP was their solution.

st m-logoSTMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 8.08 billion in 2013.  PlayMedia worked with ST in the development of digital content distribution systems and firmware for specialized ST chips.  Deployment of these technologies occurred with strategic partners SFR France and Vivendi.

HP Logo

PlayMedia was tasked by both the HP and Compaq units of the Hewlett-Packard Company to create custom media players for HP mobile devices.


Cisneros is a global leader in media and entertainment.  They produce and distribute some of the world’s most popular Spanish-language programming.  Cisneros uses PlayMedia’s AMP and related technologies to distribute music to millions of people in South America and elsewhere.

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PlayMedia’s AMP® MP3 Playback technology is the namesake playback codec of WinAMP, one of the most popular media players on the planet.  Conceived in 1996, principally by Russian computer scientist Dmitry Boldyrev, WinAMP was core to the evolution of digital music.

Radionomy, the current owner of the WinAMP IP, is a licensee for the AMP® codec.