MPEG-4 Encoder

4Play® MPEG-4 Video Encoding Engine

PlayMedia’s 4Play® SPE MPEG-4 Video Encoding Engine offers the following features and benefits:

  • 100% Fixed Point, 32-bit Implementation, designed for full portability to leading microprocessor architectures
  • 4Play® MPEG-4 Video Encoding Engine is currently optimized for the following Platform/OS combinations:

  • X86/Win32
  • X86/Linux
  • ARM Based (Generic ARM, XScale)/WinCE
  • ARM Based (Generic ARM, XScale, WMMX)/Linux
  • Input formats include RGB and YUV variants
  • Fully compliant with MPEG-4 Simple Profile or H.263
  • Motion estimation algorithm selection (high performance platforms can use benefits of advanced motion estimation algorithms)
  • Designed to be the highest quality, lowest cost and most marketing-flexible solution for MPEG-4 video rendering
  • PlayMedia’s corresponding 4Play® SPD MPEG-4 Video Decoder available now. 
  • PlayMedia’s corresponding 4Play® Streaming Server scheduled for release Q1-2005.


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